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About Me

My name is Jason White and I started making money by taking surveys in 2009 and so far i have made thousands of dollars, Recently during this month I made $4203.81 (Today is 25th of November 2019 and I am hoping to reach at least $5000 for this month) and you can see the payment proof below as well.

You can make same amount as me too by following the strategy I am going to teach you in my members’ area.

  • Q.Estimated, how much can I earn every month?

    A.It depends on how much time you dedicate to your work. I work two hours a day — one in the morning after dropping my kids to school and one in the evening after having super. The more time you spent completing the surveys, the more payment will get accumulated in your account.

  • Q.How much time it takes to complete a survey?

    A.It depends on the length of the survey. In the starting, you might need three to four minutes. There are high paying surveys which take a bit longer like five minutes. You get more reward for completing long surveys by the Market Research Companies in the shape of free products, coupons, and premium payouts.

  • Q.Is it mandatory to fill the survey daily?

    A.It up to you. I complete the surveys regularly so that I can make the right amount. I sometimes take leave from work for holidays, but later compensate my money by completing more surveys.

  • Q.Do you own a survey company or belong to any one of it?

    A.As I mentioned above, I am a stay-at-home mother. I don’t belong to any survey company as I have seen people suffering from bad experiences. So, I decided to compile my strategies at one place as a lot of people have asked me my secret of making a decent income.

  • Q.How can I make money the same as you?

    A.At starting, it might be difficult for you to make a routine out of a busy life. You might also face struggles in payment issues. However, with time and expertise, you can receive good payouts from the research companies. It’s all about how committed you are to work.

  • Q.Can anyone do this?

    A.Anyone with a computer or smartphone can easily do this. Even your kids can help you in doing this. Sometimes, I ask my 9-year-old daughter to assist in filling a few Trust me; it is a piece of cake.

  • Q.How can start with survey filling?

    A.It’s easy. Just check the form attached on the top of this page and fill it. You will be directed to members’ area. I have also shared the list of companies I worked with. You can get an idea from it.

  • Q.Do survey companies pay payouts?

    A.On the internet, you may become a victim of bogus market research companies. It has been three years that I am working as a reviewer, and I have also become a victim of such non-legitimate websites. For your help, I have jotted a list of trustworthy companies which never causes inconvenience in payments.

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